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March 15th, 2013

We have been asked many a times that why we call ClipsAge a blog when it has looks of a Tube site. A short answer is that; ClipsAge is combination of both. It has both the blog and tube functionality integrated.

But for users who still worried about feel of blog; We have enabled an option to switch the view of the site. Check the top of right menu where it gives option to switch the view of ClipsAge.

Finally we call ClipsAge Best Indian Sex Tube Blog with Daily Updates.



Added Google translator engine to ClipsAge
March 07th, 2013

You have now the option to enjoy ClipsAge in your local language. We have added Google translation engine that could translate ClipsAge to your local languages very easily.

Check out the scroll down language box by Google on header of the ClipsAge.



Best Indian Sex Blog ClipsAge Launched with Daily Updated Desi Porn Videos
January 22th, 2013

ClipsAge as the title suggest would be the Best Indian Sex Blog around the world. We are trying our best to keep this status and we hope your submission and support would help us grow better.

Apart other blogs around; we strive the best to keep this blog free with only limited limits. All the videos could be downloaded free from external host. If you find a better host that has low download period and easy download option; you can suggest the same that we would consider.

For users who does need to preview the video before download; Just register a free account with us. You would get a free preview apart the screen shots provided.

For users who needs to watch the full video online or download the full video straight from ClipsAge with no wait counter; you would need to register a premium account with us which is available for dead low price. Please do not request a free premium account as we would not be able to satisfy your crave for full free stuffs as we need money to pay for the bandwidth you use.

We will keep you updated as the part we travel along with you. Stay tuned to ClipsAge.

ClipsAge Administrator