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ClipsAge is back with Mega Load of Updates
October 25th, 2018

Get ready to fry your desire for Desi Porn with mega lot of latest updated videos!!

First of all let us apologize for the long delay in updates which was not intentional. But like as it is said; some wait is worth it!!.. ClipsAge is now back in a more powerful server that could better manage the traffic and porn needs of our fans!..

We have did the testing to see if all is good! But if you still experience any glitches or such; kindly let us know so that we could do our best to resolve it.

Let us talk less and act more now... A mega lot of updates; along with pending non published videos are waiting for your eyes!... Dont even miss a day from now; as everyday we would feed more porn than a normal user could handle...!

ClipsAge Team


Technical Issues - Inconvenience regretted
May 11th, 2018

We are facing some technical issues with DC network; that blocks some of the users from playing back the videos since some days. We are working on it to get it fixed as fast as possible. The issue would be fixed by next weekend hopefully.


Submit your personal amateur home made sex videos to ClipsAge
November 08th, 2017

Why hide it when you have stuff to show off??!! A long time request is getting fulfilled today!

Now you can be part of ClipsAge by submitting your personal amateur home made video clips to Best Indian Desi Porn Archive - ClipsAge. For your videos to get listed in front of millions of ClipsAge fans; Please do follow the below procedure...

What to do:
1. Upload your videos to ANY ONE of the file host mentioned below
(DO NOT use any other file host that are not listed here)

2. Send the uploaded links and description of video; with any special request; if any; to

Supported Video Formats:
avi, mp4, flv, mpeg, mov, wmv, 3gp (All videos sent in any other format would NOT be entertained and discarded)

What NOT to do:
1. First and foremost; Try to upload videos to above mentioned hosts than attaching. The same videos would be posted faster than email attached video contents.
2. DO NOT send any compressed file or files inside RAR, ZIP etc.. The same would be discarded.
3. Never ever send any underage content or video captured without the consent of user.
4. Please make sure you have the right to the video and its contents.
5. No previously watermarked videos please.

ClipsAge Publishing Team


How to UNBLOCK porn sites in Android and PC Platforms
July 18th, 2017

We can’t define why a site is blocked. It may be different reasons. The Blockers may be the Internet Service Providers or may even browsers like Bing, Chrome, Firefox etc for any reason. We are not going to discuss the reason behind the blocking of sites; but on how to unblock them by a blog written by one of our fellow member.. You could find detailed information at


ClipsAge App for Android is launched
July 06th, 2017

A long pending request is now fulfilled with launch of our exclusive app for ClipsAge today. All android users can now use the benefit of app to easily browse through videos, view it and save it for later. More features are to be explored all by yourself. Get the details and download the app at


Technical issues. We are working on it
February 08th, 2016

We are facing some technical issues with server. The server is expected to be back to normal shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Anonymous users can now watch the full video with a wait ticket countdown
November 13th, 2015

Anonymous users can now watch the full video with a ticket countdown. But if you hate to wait. Just register a free account for full video playback without any wait ticket.


Audio error fixed with faster streaming
November 05th, 2015

We have fixed the error in encoding some videos with different bitrate. From now on, you wont feel lag or audio cut as per the new update. As an add-on, we have made some tweaks to make the streaming of video faster too.


October 22th, 2015

As an initiative to fill up desire of ClipsAge fans, We are gifting away all FREE registered members with a Premium status that would allow members to get full playback of the videos than just preview. In order to qualify for this free upgrade, you must either have an existing account or you would need to create a FREE account with ClipsAge during this festive period.

Register your account before we change our mind as we are doing this on trial.

If you are already a FREE registered user, you need not create new account. Log in to your account to get your account upgraded automatically!

ClipsAge Team


Server upgrade on go - Updates will be done in couple of days
August 18th, 2015

We are upgrading our server. New clips will be updated in couple of days. Sorry for inconvenience.


Free Premium for all users in a week time
July 12th, 2014

Yes, You read it right!

ClipsAge is soon going to be free for all FREE Registered Users. You would be able to playback the full video once you register for a free account with ClipsAge.

Do not rush; We are preparing our servers and tweaking the settings so that the new change accommodates well. So in the mean time; there wont be updates for some days. But the wait would really be a worthy one. So please do not forget to check back again in a week time.

Note: Due to the necessity of database update to cloud server; we request you to avoid registering new accounts as newly created account wont get reflected on new server. Also couple of days downtime is expected and we hope you would bear with us for the inconvenience that it might cause you.

Wait for the new Launch!


Blog view enabled
March 15th, 2013

We have been asked many a times that why we call ClipsAge a blog when it has looks of a Tube site. A short answer is that; ClipsAge is combination of both. It has both the blog and tube functionality integrated.

But for users who still worried about feel of blog; We have enabled an option to switch the view of the site. Check the top of right menu where it gives option to switch the view of ClipsAge.

Finally we call ClipsAge Best Indian Sex Tube Blog with Daily Updates.



Added Google translator engine to ClipsAge
March 07th, 2013

You have now the option to enjoy ClipsAge in your local language. We have added Google translation engine that could translate ClipsAge to your local languages very easily.

Check out the scroll down language box by Google on header of the ClipsAge.



Best Indian Sex Blog ClipsAge Launched with Daily Updated Desi Porn Videos
January 22th, 2013

ClipsAge as the title suggest would be the Best Indian Sex Blog around the world. We are trying our best to keep this status and we hope your submission and support would help us grow better.

Apart other blogs around; we strive the best to keep this blog free with only limited limits. All the videos could be downloaded free from external host. If you find a better host that has low download period and easy download option; you can suggest the same that we would consider.

For users who does need to preview the video before download; Just register a free account with us. You would get a free preview apart the screen shots provided.

For users who needs to watch the full video online or download the full video straight from ClipsAge with no wait counter; you would need to register a premium account with us which is available for dead low price. Please do not request a free premium account as we would not be able to satisfy your crave for full free stuffs as we need money to pay for the bandwidth you use.

We will keep you updated as the part we travel along with you. Stay tuned to ClipsAge.

ClipsAge Administrator


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